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Doves (and Pigeons - same or closely related species) have been associated with mankind for millennia and have been used in various ways to symbolise certain things or events – e.g. Noah’s Dove of Hope, the Holy Spirit, etc.  They mate for life and have a special connection to their homes, and therefore symbolize Love, Hope, Peace, Fidelity, Prosperity, Good Luck, etc. and so they will add this symbolism and a special refinement to all occasions.


A dove release can make any event more notable, for example ...



Release Rates (subject to availability; deposit with booking may be applicable).   Please call as far in advance as possible for bookings :

 Prices are quoted in Barbados Dollars (unless otherwise stated) and are subject to change without notice.


          Single (1) dove  (Funerals)                                                          $90      (US$45)

          Two (2) doves (Weddings)                                                        $130      (US$65)   

          Three (3) doves (Trinity or Wedding & Soul Dove)             $190      (US$95)

          Six (6) doves  (Sporting Events)                                             $260    (US$130)

          Dozen (12) doves                                                                        $350    (US$175

        Additional Doves (per bird)                                                         $20     (US$10)     -    See Online Payment Payment Link Below

Prices quoted are as of July 08, 2020 - any prices quoted prior to this will default to these or the lower thereof.

Please call or e-mail, if you would like a custom arrangement with different quantities and/or scenarios, we can discuss it.

Special rates are negotiable depending on the event and circumstances.


Special Release Conditions apply, specifically limits on release times ... daylight hours only and 30 minutes before sunset (depends on the time of year), call to clarify

                                              and of course not during heavy rain/inclement weather – please note that the well being of the birds are being considered here. 


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